Sharpen your awareness, balance the body, calm the mind.

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About Us

Heather Perry and the Georgetown Pilates team of instructors offer precision in movement adaptable for each individual with the goal of creating balance in the body, rehabbing injury or misalignments, and exploring self inquiry through body awareness. All sessions are private and highly personalized, all skill levels are welcome here. The studio which opened its doors in 2009, is located in the heart of the charming neighborhood of Georgetown in Washington, DC.


Our Method

Creative in its methodology while maintaining the integrity and the purity of the Joseph Pilates method, Georgetown Pilates approaches movement as preventative medicine to avoid injury, rehabilitate the body, and to enhance and prolong body strength, stamina and mobility.

Many students come to us after working in group fitness settings to re-educate and help heal imbalances in the body. At Georgetown Pilates, we start by building a strong foundation and creating awareness of movement within your individual body to rehab and/or prevent injury.

Focused on the goal of creating symmetry of body and mind, every new client is given an assessment and movement trial on the Pilates reformer by owner, Heather Perry or a member of her personally trained team of instructors. Once a client has been read and accessed, a unique plan custom built for the individual is put into place to address specific health goals of the client as well as correct any imbalances in the body to improve overall motor functions.


The Studio

Professional athletes, yoga and Pilates teachers, recovering cardio and group class enthusiasts, pre and postnatal practitioners, across all ages and skill levels comprise the unique community at Georgetown Pilates. Although most classes are 1:1 or 1:2 the studio has become a tranquil and welcoming space encouraging all those who practice here to show up as themselves, find acceptance, and tap into a larger community to support wellness of the body and mind.


Why We Practice

The benefits of a regular Pilates practice are many and while it is absolutely possible to receive the positive benefits of the method of movement in a group setting, the value of a private session tailored specifically to your body – as it is in the present moment – is immeasurable. Pilates reformer sessions have been scientifically proven to increase stamina, build strength, realign the body, reduce pain and inflammation, lengthen the body, and more. Georgetown Pilates is the only studio in the Washington DC area to exclusively focus on individual or duet sessions.